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Artivive Creator Account (ACA) 

Instead of multiple confusing types of accounts, Artivive will offer only one type of account with upgrades and add-ons possibilities. This account is a freemium account – any creative can sign up and use it for free up to a certain number of scans. The biggest change is from a number of artworks to a number of views.

There is only one type of account: The Free Artivive Creator Account which starts at Basic. Users can upgrade or downgrade the accounts as needed, based on the views of the artworks or the features.

If the user wants to upgrade the ACA, he/she can choose from these options:

All our plans/subscriptions are monthly priced and can be changed or canceled at any time. To encourage long-term commitment and help us plan better, we offer a discount of 17% for yearly plans. You can purchase a yearly plan and get two months for free. The subscription will automatically renew.

View limits

As the views become the new currency we will have to give the paying users full control over costs.
Measures for keeping the control over the costs and the artwork active are as follows:

  • In the account dashboard, the user can see on a bar how much is used/left.
  • When the account view limit is reached, it can go over and the user will be charged for each additional view. More details at “Add-on”. For Basic accounts, when the limit is reached, the artwork will be deactivated. Only in the app, it will show for other 100 views that the limit was reached. Afterward, it will not work anymore with the app. The artwork will be activated automatically when the limit in the account is above 0.

  • For cost control, the user will have to set an additional cost limit for the account/month. This will be the amount until the account can be charged for over-usage (more views than in the upgrade). The amount can also be 0.

  • Emails will be sent when: 50%, 80%, 100% of the limit is reached, the add-on was added, and/or the artwork was set inactive to not generate any more costs.


Get more views for one month:

  • 2.000 views – € 19,90
  • 5.000 views – € 49,90
  • 20.000 views – € 199,90

Note that the add-ons are only available for accounts that have been upgraded to Pro, Marketplace, or Business.

Views over the limit will be charged with € 0,02/views up to € 19,90. By reaching the amount the add-on will be activated. If the add-on is also used before the month is over, the artworks will be deactivated until another add-on will be purchased.

In the future, we might offer more add-ons based on the development of the product.

Special upgrades

  1. Sponsored upgrade
    All users can apply for a sponsored upgrade which would be the Marketplace Upgrade. This can be either free or discounted for one year, after that the artist will have to apply again.
    This is a new Artivive sponsoring program where we will sponsor artists, creatives, and influencers with huge potential. We will sponsor only individuals and no companies, collectives, schools, institutions, projects.
  2. Educational / Enterprise upgrade
    The accounts that don’t fit as business accounts or have other needs – educational institutions, NGOs, museums, etc. They will be administered and invoiced separately based on the offers Artivive made. Here we will not have public price lists. Based on regions and needs we will have different offerings.


  • Who can register and use this account?
    Every creative (artist, musician, designer, …) who wants to use Artivive for their artworks. At the registration, the creatives will be asked to share with us an online portfolio (website, Instagram, Behance, …).
  • What will happen with the free accounts/users that we have now?
    All free accounts will be automatically moved on Artivive Creator Account (ACA) Basic.
  • What happens with the subscriptions we have?
    The users can keep the account/ subscription they have. They can create as usual, and if they decide to access our new features or add more artworks, they can easily switch to our new model.
  • What happens with the one-time payment accounts?
    The user will keep the one-time artworks in their account where they can edit and change these but not delete them. These accounts will not be affected by the view count. If they want to get additional project slots, they will be able to create a new ACA account.
  • What happens with the business/museum accounts we have?
    Museum accounts will be moved on ACA Enterprise Upgrade. Business accounts that have no active artworks will be moved on ACA Basic. Business accounts that have active artworks will be moved to ACA Business – free of charge until the time runs out. Afterward, they will be downgraded or prolonged.
  • What happens if I reach the limit of my views?
    For Basic ACA – the artwork will be deactivated and only in the app, it will work for another 100 views. When these are over, there will be a message in the app that the limit was reached. After that, the account will be inactive. For Paid ACA – the artwork will be deactivated but will work in the app up to 200 views above the limit set. After that, there will be a message and the account will be inactive.
  • How can a user have an overview of the scans left?
    There will be a bar in the dashboard on Bridge.
  • How will the statistics work?
    The views per artwork will reset each month. Only ACA Business will be able to see the total nr. of views and detailed statistics.
  • What should happen if there are any payment problems?
    The account will be set on Basic until it’s solved.
  • How do we handle an up/downgrade in the middle of the pay cycle?
    For upgrades, it will bill it automatically for that day for the new tier and offer all features and new nr. of scans. The next billing cycle will be a month later. Downgrades will be for the next billing cycle.
  • Would it be possible to put some artworks on pause so that they don’t get any scans or views?
    Not at the moment.
  • Would it be possible to see your invoices?
    Yes, invoices will be available in the account’s info.

Do you have any more questions or want to share something with us? Schedule a call with our team here!