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Duplicate Artwork

Artivive uses your artwork as a key to the digital layer. The artwork you upload to Bridge will be analyzed and stored like a code. When the Artivive App recognizes the artwork through the smartphone’s camera, it will display the digital extension you uploaded.

A duplicate message appears when you upload an artwork, and our system finds the same (or a very similar image) already in our database. Because there can only be ONE digital extension for each image, it will be marked as a duplicate, and be deactivated. There are two reasons for this to happen. You will find the cause and the solution for each reason below.

Case 1: Another user is using the same artwork.

It seems that you’re using an artwork that is already in use by another artist.

  • Are you working with somebody else on this project, have they already uploaded this image? If so, you should get in touch with them.
  • Are you using the artwork of a famous artist? If so, maybe you were not the first one to upload it to Bridge and should try using another artwork.
  • Do you think somebody is using your own work and is therefore violating copyright laws? If so, please get in touch with us and let us know which artwork is affected. We will get in touch with the other artist(s) and solve the issue.

Case 2: Repetitive elements in two separate artworks (logos, text, image parts).

You have uploaded two or more artworks that have the same or very similar elements: logos, headline, text, image parts, etc.

  • If this is the case, try to eliminate these elements from all the artworks and leave the space blank. When the image is scanned, the app will only search for the elements that are different in the artwork. In most cases, it’s enough if you remove the duplicate elements only in the images you upload to Bridge. Make sure you eliminate the elements from all artworks, so the app will not mistake one artwork with the other, as is shown in the example below.

  • This is how the images were uploaded in Bridge.
  • Before you finalize your project (produce, ship, or print it), please test the result on the final product (if possible try and use more than one device to scan your artwork) to make sure it works as intended.