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Artivive Marketplace

What is Artivive Marketplace?
Artivive Marketplace is our new artist community and online sales platform for augmented reality art. As an integrated part of our website, it is a place where artists can create a profile, upload, and show their AR artworks to our community and a worldwide audience. With Marketplace we built a platform for artists to discover and engage with other artists, see and be seen, get jobs in the AR art field, and sell art prints online. 

What’s in it for me?
With an artist profile, you can upload and sell your AR artworks as high-quality art prints, online over our platform.
Marketplace also acts as a broker and facilitates collaboration between artists and paying customers, such as open calls, exhibitions, or commissioned work.

What is a Marketplace account?
Users with a Marketplace account or Custom account ( can create an artist profile on Marketplace and exclusively benefit from the service.  

How many views are included?
Unless otherwise explicitly regulated in your Custom account, a Marketplace account includes 4000 views per month.

Are all my artworks on Bridge automatically listed on Marketplace?
No. You are in full control of which and how many artworks are listed on Marketplace, as an artwork has to be uploaded to Marketplace additionally.
Marketplace is not directly connected to Bridge. It is a seperate account, log in, and upload of artworks.

What exactly are you selling?
We think high-quality art prints look best in a black frame.

Price calculation: How much do I get from a sold art print?
You define your share! We ask for a minimum price that covers production and shipping costs as well as a small handling fee. You can freely add your asking price on top and thus determine the retail price.

How do I get my share?
The payout of the artist share is fully handled by PayPal – we do not store any card details. That means we need you to provide your PayPal email address. Payouts take place on a monthly basis.

What happens to the artwork after a sale?
To guarantee the best experience to the buying customer, we grant unlimited views to every artwork sold via Marketplace. That means it does not affect the views count of your account. The artwork will remain editable in your Bridge account. We will not restrict your artistic license, even after a sale.

Can I sell my art elsewhere too?
Yes. Marketplace is non-exclusive and the intellectual property rights of course remain with the original owner (the artist).