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Artivive Marketplace BETA

Help make our new website better and be among the first to experience and try out our new artist community and art sales platform. You can take part in shaping our test-driven pre-release, by letting us know what you think. We are constantly working on improvements and new features and are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

You can provide feedback directly to us using this feedback form.

What does BETA mean?
With Artivive Marketplace BETA we let users try out our new artist community and art sales platform before it is officially launched. In doing so, it is essential that real users experience our platform the first time with real data and under real conditions.

Please note that at this time the public beta platform is not yet completely developed and may contain errors or not function as well as commercially released software. Our goal is to improve the quality of our products and identify and fix remaining bugs before an official release.

Who can participate?
The Artivive Marketplace BETA platform is now open to anyone to browse our artist community and discover the world of augmented reality art. 

If you want to create your own artist profile you need a valid Marketplace account. With this account, you can upload and sell your AR artworks as high-quality art prints, online via our platform. Sign up now! 

How can I report a bug?
An error occurred or something is not working as expected? Please use this form to report a bug.

What kind of compensation do I receive for testing?
This program is voluntary, and there is no compensation for your participation.

How can I leave the BETA?
Until the official release of our marketplace the old and the new website are available at the same time. If you feel better with our old online appearance simply proceed to