Animating with After Effects: A Beginner’s Workshop

With Ulrike Kerber
MAY 30, 2023, 2:56 pm - 4:56 pm CEST
Online Event

Animation and Augmented Reality are powerful storytelling tools that can be used for various purposes such as branding, advertising, company presentations, explainer videos, and art films. In this introductory workshop, <strong>you will learn how to use Adobe After Effects, a complex software, to create simple animations that you can bring into Artivive’s bridge.</strong>

During the workshop, you will <strong>gain knowledge about the basics of animation</strong>, including scale, positioning, transparency, and rotation. You will <strong>work on a fun and simple animation project</strong> that will incorporate these skills. You will also learn how to bring your animation into Artivive’s bridge, which will <strong>enhance the project with AR elements</strong>.

By the end of the workshop, you will have acquired the necessary skills to create more complex animations on your own. Please note that <strong>this workshop is geared towards beginners</strong>, and <strong>no prior knowledge of After Effects is required.</strong> However, participants must come prepared with After Effects installed on their computer, and patience, focus, and a willingness to learn are essential.


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  • Learn the basics of animation with Adobe After Effects
  • Gain knowledge about the fundamental principles of animation, including scale, positioning, transparency, and rotation
  • Work on a fun and simple animation project that will incorporate the skills you learn
  • Acquire the necessary skills to create more complex animations independently
  • Discover how to incorporate AR elements into your animations using Bridge by Artivive


  • Digital and Non-digital artists
  • Artists-beginners and proficient creators
  • Art enthusiasts
  • This workshop is designed for beginners, and no prior knowledge of After Effects is required


  1. Install  After Effects
  2. Make sure you have an Artivive account, otherwise register here for free.
  3. Download Artivive App on your device (smartphone/tablet)
  4. Prepare the image that you will work with
  5. Have fun!

This Workshop will be held in English and all participants will receive the workshop recording.

Ulrike Kerber

Ulrike Kerber

Ulrike Kerber is the principal and creative director at Viva Design Inc., an award-winning design studio and think tank for creativity and innovation in Santa Barbara, CA and now also in Berlin. She is known for her creativity, design, art, and motion/video work. Ulrike has given many creative workshops for companies and is a guest speaker and teacher at Hyper Island, Sweden, Miami Ad School, SRH Design Akademie, Berlin International University, HMKW and design college SCAD in Savannah, GA.



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